The Nasty, Brutish, and Short Werewolf Game

By: TheScribblerTheScribbler


The Nitty, Gritty Details

The basic premise was that we were a group of fairly young garou who would be heading down to a small town on the Mississippi coast in order to investigate the dissapearance of some kinfolk.

The group consisted of:
1) Myself, the smart-ass homid warrior/scholar
2) A friend playing a depressed and superiority-complexed homid bad-ass.
3) My girlfriend playing a confused but good-natured lupus trickster
4) Another friend playing a slightly inbred scholar/spirit-dealer

So, it took us two cars and a few health levels in order to get to the Mississippi coast to begin with… and, because of a run-in with a rather nasty police officer who only meant us ill, a few of us were covered in blood.

We proceeded to get lost once arriving in town, then stripping the gears on the car due to a few bad rolls, but eventually made it to the park we were going to meet the local leader at. The deppressed warrior, however, promptly got into a fight with the park's protector and my girlfriend's character began scaring park-goers by her very presence when she began hunting for a little snack.

We managed to settle things down, and the local leader showed up to insist that we get some food and make ourselves presentable before he would even speak with us.

He then gives the depressed warrior $50 to buy some clothes for my girlfriend's character. Happy Mc-Kills-A-Lot (name changed to protect the insane) proceeded to buy a shirt and jeans at the salvation army and spend the rest of the money on McDonalds and booze.

So, drunk, he arrives back at the park with my character (who was completely unable to control him). We're then given our objective, which is across town, and a packet of information on the people that have gone missing.

We have no car at this point, so the local pack leader offers to let us take his very very nice car after many promises by myself that no harm will come to it.

I try to drive and fail horribly, so I end up in the passenger seat with the marginally more raw-Attribute-heavy depressed fellow climbs behind the wheel.

Now, I don't want to make this all that palyer's fault… he was just playing his character well, and in any other combination of events it all would have eventually worked itself out… but… well…

So we're driving along, with the smartest of us looking over the file in the back seat. Smart fellow comes to an important conclusion after reading the material and recommends that we change our destination, and the character driving uses this as an opportunity to declare that he doesn't take orders from inbred disgraces to the garou (werewolf) line.

There was a minor Rage roll, which was just barely passed. The smart guy responds with, "How about you let me do the thinking and just drive where I tell you to?"

Another Rage roll, this time made by the warrior who happened to be driving the car… he rolled 5+ dice (I can't remember exactly how many) and at least 4 of them came up as 1, with no successes. The character instantly went insane with Rage, becoming a Thrall of the Wyrm. While driving. He went into full Werewolf form, as did my and my girlfriend's characters.

He proceeded to attack my character as the spirit-connected genius that set him off attempted to exit into the spirit plane… only to fail and remain stuck in the back seat.

The roof was ripped off of the car, which was now alternating between careening about and grinding against the railing along the side of the road.

My character quickly died, with my girlfriend's character putting up a decent fight and then falling shortly thereafter. Just as the now-insane "driver" turns to the last one left, he managed to finally slip into the spirit realm (something it was next to impossible for the big guy to do).

The car then broke through the railing on an overpass, exploded into flames, and still failed to kill the Raging freak due to a charm he and I both had that reduced flame damage significantly.

We didn't even bother making new characters, or asking for another game, or anything. It was horrible, but will remain one of my most distinct gaming moments.

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