The Hundred Year Old Indian

By quarkstomperquarkstomper


The Story

I was running a "Weird West" campaign in which my daughter, 11-years old at the time, was playing an 11-year-old girl name Milly. This creepy Ray Bradburyesque medicine show had come to town and at one point, Milly was snooping around the wagon; (because that's what nosy kids do best). She was discovered by one of the members of the show, a Hundred Year Old Indian (whose vigor was attributed to the Elixer Tonic available for a reasonable cost and who entertained the crowds by doing a spritely buck & wing and by regaling them with anecdotes about meeting George Washington).

Anyway. Milly turns around and there is this big Hundred Year Old Indian standing over her. I asked her what she was going to do.

Milly says, "I hit him."

For some reason I decided to give her a hard time about this. "You hit him? This is a Hundred Year Old Indian! He knew George Washington! He's a piece of Living History! How can you hit a Hundred Year Old Indian who knew George Washington?"

My daughter thought a moment and replied, "Just because he knew George Washington doesn't means he was friends with him!"

She had a point.

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