Stripping For Kobolds

By quarkstomperquarkstomper


The Story

Fala and Dent were in a group hacking their way through a standard dungeon. At one point, they came across a chamber where a Medusa (wearing a business suit and sunglasses for safety purposes and accompanied by a pack of Kobolds) was having a meeting with a Drow priestess and her entourage of Duregar bodyguards.

Fala came up with a brilliant idea: she quickly dug out the bottle of Invisibility Potion she had found in a previous room and drunk it down. She reasoned that if the Medusa could not see her, then the Medusa's gaze attack would not work.

An interesting theory. And maybe it would have worked. Problem was, the bottle she drank was not an Invisibility Potion, but a Potion of Delusion that was labeled "Invisibility Potion".

So this is what the DM said: "Okay, you are now invisible. Unfortunately, your clothes are armor are not."

"Crap!" And so Fala began taking off her dragonskin bikini.

Of course, no one else saw her as invisible; they just saw her drop her sword and start taking off her clothing. The Kobolds who were rushing her stopped dead in their tracks, their jaws hanging open and their tongues hanging out.

And so she slaughtered them. Oh, and she managed to kill the Medusa too.

One Kobold escaped, though; and from then on, every time the party encountered any kobolds, one was sure to scream , "Aiieee! It is She-Whose-Nakedness-None-May-See-And-Live!!! Flee before she removes her brassiere!!! Aiiee!"

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