Rape Of The Lock

By quarkstomperquarkstomper


The Story

After one of their first quests together, Fala and Dent, along with the rest of our party, were relaxing at a local tavern. Fala, the boisterous fighter of the group, challenged everybody to a drinking contest. Cara, the mage, and Pike, the cleric, demurred; but the dwarf, Dent, decided to take her up on it. He figured that his dwarvish constitution would give him an edge in the competition. So you would think, but the dice are fickle things. Dent badly blew his CON roll and the DM ruled that he passed out.

Fala took advantage of Dent's incapacitation to drag him up to her room, (paid for with coins filched from Dent's pouch), and have her way with him. Having her way in this case meant stripping him of his armor and shaving off all his body hair.

And Dent slept through it all.

When he woke up the next morning, he was furious. Fala had a notion that waking up naked next to a beautiful woman might give Dent some ideas. It did. It gave him the idea to grab her and chuck her out the window.

Dent never did entirely forgive her for that indignity; (He had to wear a scarf for several weeks until his beard grew out to a respectable length again); but the incident proved to be the start of their incindiary romance.

Ah, love.

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