Out With A Bang

By Surturhero


Dark Heresy
Storytelling System

On our last campaign for a Dark Heresy setting our DM decided to throw us a change from the usual beat up the obviously evil guy. Our last mission was to kill another inquisitor, however we knew that something was up. Our last mission was to take a daemon weapon, and several other previous missions had us doing less than ethical work. Needless to say our group ( Cleric, Psycher, 2 Guardsmen, Tech-priest(me)) was planning on revealing him. So when we learned from interrogating one of our targets acolyte that we were the heretics, we decided it was time to kill our inquisitor.

My Tech-Priest, Thaddius was a rather unlucky guy. He loved explosives, which he had used to, kill his family, kill a target we were suppose to capture, kill a PC, blow off his arms messing around with explosives, and caused a change reaction that blew up a ship. Most of these caused him to be hated by the party, combined with his depression for killing most of his friends and family, made him rather suicidal. Never got the advancement to remove emotions, as the party didnt like the idea of a highly destructive tech-priest with no regret or care about human life.

Anyway on about the second mission in secretly from the rest of the group I asked the DM if he could use some of the melta bombs we had acquired and attach them to himself. After almost blowing himself up he had two melta bombs implanted in the chest, set to go off if he ever used lumien charge on himself.

So a month later we are working the inquisitor we were suppose to kill, and heading back with some of his acolytes as backup to "redeem ourselves". Saying that we had done our job, we entered without issue, and after entering the other acolytes gave us cover as we ran from chamber to chamber trying to find this guy. After some unlucky rolls the Psycher was wounded and one of the Guardsmen was suffering from a hallucinogen grenade(my fault). Finally we found large doors labeled Armory, thinking hey lets grab some better guns. We entered a concrete gray building with gun racks all over the place, loaded with laspistols to plasma guns. However as soon as we enter the doors slammed shut and the psycher started flipping out. In the dim lighting we found our old inquisitor, and his new friend the daemonhost.

After some length talking between him and the cleric we began to fight. Now naturally we didnt know what the daemonhost would throw at us until some of the guns started hovering and shooting at us. The daemonhost could control these guns and had great aim. About 5 rounds in we had almost lost the cleric, and the psycher was vomiting on the ground from a failed fear test followed by a plasma shot to the gut. After ducking behind some of the gun racks, with one of the guardsmen unloading his heavy stubber the cleric decides we should run, as he will stay and cover our retreat. However the psycher said the such light gun fire (one decked out autogun) wouldn't be enough, and said he would stay behind.

Now the cleric had been against Thaddius from the start, as he didn't follow the imperial cult. However the psycher and tech-priest had been good friends, both being outcasts from the "normal" people. So when the vomiting psycher who can barely stand, probably Thaddius's last friend decided to die to save them something snapped.

With the guardsmen pryed open the door, with me, the psycher and cleric giving cover fire( or rather making targets so they wouldnt get hit ). When open everyone but me and the psycher rushed out, and just as the deamon was about to seal the doors again Thaddius turned, pushing the psycher out the doors. With a last "run my friend" the doors shut, and Thaddius turned to see the inquisitor and daemonhost bearing down on him. At this point the Inquisitor and the daemonhost had stopped fighting and were staring at the lone wounded tech priest. As the inquisitor was about to say something Thaddius rushed behind some gun racks, running parallel to their position. The inquisitor mocked Thaddius for his foolishness, before the tech-priest came out from behind a gun rack right next to the duo. In a flash his arms surged with electricity as he pushed them under his robes and to his chest. Both melta bombs triggered, swallowing the area in the explosion, triggering off all the other grenades Thaddius had and all the ammo in the armory. The whole room was demolished, and it blew a good chunk of the underground base to collapse.

The rest of the party, after regrouping with the other acolytes were just about on the way back to the armory when the halls began to shake. After some quick sprinting an dodging falling chunks they made it back to the ship. In the end the cleric held a service to honor Thaddius, who despite his "misguided" views was a noble soul and true servant of the emperor.

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