Lady Dragondancer

By quarkstomperquarkstomper


The Story

Cinnabar, a half-elf thief, had risen up in the world. She had become a confidante, and as rumor had it the paramour, of the powerful Duke of Flanghaven. As reward for various exploits in the service of the city, the Duke granted her a title and a small property outside the city called "Merrivale", land which had originally belonged to the first Duke, Lord Flang the Fortunate, but which had fallen into neglect.

When Cinnibar and the Duke's daughter Dyslexia rode out to the property to inspect it, she learned that the local peasants called it by its original name, "Wyrmwood", because this was the spot where Lord Flang defeated the Great Dragon. The small manor house on the property had not been lived in for years. Cinnabar and Dyslexia decided to spend the night in the house. Based on her experience in the Duke's castle, the first thing Cinnabar did was look for secret passageways. Sure enough, she found one which led to a secret crypt, deep beneath the house, containing the bones of the Great Dragon which Lord Flang had slain.

As if that weren't creepy enough, in the middle of the night, a group of cultists arrived at the crypt to perform a magic ceremony to bring the Dragon back to life! Cinnabar sent Dyslexia to warn the Duke and proceeded to battle the cultists. She was able to disrupt the ceremony to a certain extent; instead of a live dragon, the cultists now had a sort of undead zombie dragon which burst out of the crypt and began shambling towards the city of Flanghaven.

Cinnabar followed, catching up with the beast about the same time as it met the Duke, who had ridden out with his army to deal with the crisis. Instead of going around the dragon as one might expect, Cinnabar decided to take the direct route. She jumped onto the dragon's tail, ran up its back and then leaped off its shoulder to join the Duke.

Together, Cinnabar and the Duke were able to defeat the Undead Zombie Dragon. Afterwards, the Duke scolded her. "What did you think you were doing, dancing on top of the dragon like that?" "It was the quickest way I could get here," she replied.

But the soldiers accompanying the Duke were impressed by Cinnabar's daring. By the next morning, everyone in the castle was referring to her as "Lady Dragondancer".

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