Great shot! *Slap!* *Thud!*

By Shiftkitty


The Story

Stormy and Uffy were wiping out a bunch of cultists who had been funding themselves through a crime wave. They had been on each other's nerves for the whole dungeon, taking jabs at one another. Right before the final battle, Stormy had gotten the last insult in. During the fight, many of Uffy's spells were Area of Effect type spells that often included Stormy in their area. With Stormy barely alive by the near-end of the battle, three cultists mad a run for it. Stormy was hot on their heels while Uffy yelled that he was gonig to cast Fireball. We reminded Uffy's player that Stormy had gone down the hallway in pursuit of the cultists.

"Heh-heh… I know…" came the response.

Uffy let the Fireball fly. Stormy and one cultist made their saving throws while the other two perished in an arcane blaze. Stormy was down to 5 hp, the surviving cultist was down to 1. Stormy told the cultist "Take him down and I'll let you walk out of here." The cultist gave his mace a hefty throw and nailed Uffy right square in the family jewels (we had a hit location chart). It was a crit that knocked Uffy unconcious from pain.

With such a flushing success, Stormy's character shouted "Great shot!" and made a very, very enthusiastic slap-on-the-back motion with his hand. With the cultist in such terrible shape, I had Stormy roll a d20. Hit. 1d3 damage vs a 1hp cultist? Thud! No more cultists! Oops.

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