Girl In The Dragonskin Bikini

By quarkstomperquarkstomper


The Story

Early on in Fala and Dent's career, our party encountered and killed a small dragon. As the party was gathering treasure and such, our party's mage, Cara, decided she wanted to harvest the dragon for spell components and such. Cara's player, (who was male and happened to be our landlord), was something of a Munchkin with a fondness for MacGuyvering the stuff we got. (it was his idea in a previous campaign to line up all the useless copper pieces we got in a stack and use a Lightning spell to fuse them all into a more useful copper bar). Anyway, Cara had the idea of having the dragon's wings be made into a Cloak of Flight. So play stopped as the player pressed the DM (who happened to be his wife) for how much it would cost to have such a cloak made. The DM didn't know and was reluctant to make a definitive rulling of the top of her head, and so the argument continued while the rest of us waited.

Finally I, playing the surly dwarf Dent, commented, "The dragon hide is valuable, right? Well, why don't you just let whoever makes the cloak keep the unused pieces as his payment? Unless of course you want to use the scaps to make a bikini!" Dent added sarcastically.

Fala's eyes lit up. "Ooo! I like that!"

And so it was settled. Cara did get her Cloak of Flight. But Fala got something better: a dragonskin bikini that any amazon warrior would die for.

It became a running gag. Every time our party would slay a dragon, Fala would acquire a new bikini in a differen color. By the time the campaign ended, I think she had one for each of the Chromatic Dragons. And the dragonskin bikini became Fala's trademark.

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