Fala And Dent

By quarkstomperquarkstomper


The Story

Fala and Dent were characters played by my wife, Lute, and I in our landlord's D&D campaign many years ago. They started off as zero-level characters in an introductory module where the PCs are prisoners in a salt mine who have to their way out. And in a way the two are sort of iconic of the types of characters we like to play.

Fala was tall and leggy with long, curling black hair. She was a fighter; I think her alignment was officially Chatotic Good, but Chaotic Butt-kicker might be closer to the mark. Early in the campaign, her weapon of choice was the traditional broadsword, but ultimately she gained a Maul of the Titans which became her signature. (That and her dragonskin bikini) She had a firey temper and a bawdy sense of humor and enjoyed teasing my character, Dent.

Dent was a young dwarf with shaggy blond hair. Typical dwarf: gruff, practical and sarcastic. He wore dinged plate mail and carried an axe because that's what dwarves do. He regarded himself as the only sensible member of the party. (I once made up GURPS stats for the group and gave every one the delusion: "Thinks he/she's the leader of the party"; except for the cleric, who had the Quirk: "Actually IS the leader of the party"). He enjoyed trading barbs with Fala and frequently argued with her.

This bickering, in true romantic comedy fashion, eventually led to sex; and an prickly sort of romance. Each would gladly risk his life for the other, but when they weren't fighting monsters (or having sex) they were generally fighting each other.

I started running an occasional spin-off game featuring the characters running parallel to the main D&D campaign, where Fala and Dent could pursue their amourous and interpersonal relationship without bogging down the rest of the players. And even after the D&D campaign ended, I still sometimes bring out the two of them for appearances in other campaigns.

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