Colonels Extra Crispy

By quarkstomperquarkstomper


The Story

My good friend Russ was not able to game with our group regularly when Bryon and Cath were running their "Justice Buddies" campaign; so when he was able to join us one time, Bryon had Russ choose a pre-gen character from Bryon's massive file on CHAMPIONS character sheets covering just about every comic book character imaginable. Russ chose Surge, a hot-headed fire-based hero from the old comic book DNAgents.

One of the PC's in this particular campaign was a shape-shifting animal rights activist named Superior. In this particular session, Superior learned that the local zoo was going to be selling some of it's animals to another facility. I don't remember exactly why Superior decided it was important to rescue these animals, but somehow she persuaded the rest of the team to go alon. My character, the redoubtable Colonel Chance came up with a plan to sieze the animals while they were being transported, and incredibly, the rest of the team agreed.

This is where Bryon decided to insert Russ' character into the mix.

Surge just happens to be at the zoo when the transfer is occurring and witnesses our rescue attempt. From his point of view, it looked like a bunch of villains were trying to steal the animals, (which, technically speaking, we were). So he attacked us, and your typical super-hero misunderstanding ensued.

At one point, Surge unleashed his 10d6 energy blast at the Colonel. Russ rolled the damage and Bryon said, "Okay, Colonel, what's your E.D. (Energy Defense)?"

"Um… none." Colonel Chance was a normal guy with a bunch of gadgets. I never thought to get him any defense like that.

Bryon stared at me stunned for a moment.

"I'm sorry!" Russ said unhappily, "I didn't mean to kill you! But it's what Surge would do!"

Bryon decided that Colonel Chance was at "GM's Option", meaning that he had taken so much damage that it was a matter of GM's whim whether or not he survived. He let me retroactively say that the Colonel had a personal force-field generator which protected me from the worst of the blast, and which became part of the Colonel's signature gear.

And Russ… well, it's a funny thing. He was genuinely upset that his character had killed mine. But he had acted completely in character, doing what Surge would under the circumstances. And I agreed with him. Chance was breaking the law. He knew he was taking a risk.

Still, as much as Russ didn't want my character to die, I think he was a little bit outraged that Bryon had bent the rules to keep me alive. I think it violated Russ' sense of fair play.

But that is the story of how Colonel Chance became the Colonel's Extra-Crispy.

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