Colonel Chance

By quarkstomperquarkstomper


The Story

Colonel Chance started off as an NPC in a completely different campaign. I was running a WWII-era superhero campaign using a lot of Golden Age comic book characters. In one game I used a minor GA villain named The Gambler, who was at one time a member of the Injustice Society. The Gambler dressed like a riverboat gambler of the antebellum era and weilded an arsenal of gadgets, which I simulated in Champions rules with a Variable Gadget Pool. I was surprised to discover that the Gadget Pool actually made the Gambler a formidable opponent

Some time later, when I needed a character for another Champions campaign, I dusted off the Gambler, altered the character sheet a bit and Colonel Montgomery Chance was born.

Colonel Chance was a tall fellow with flaming red hair and beard who affected a white ice cream suit and a southern drawl I lifted mostly from Foghorn Leghorn. He was a perfect Southern Gentleman: dignified, genteel and polite; and also as crooked as a triangular roulette wheel. He was a former villain, now reformed (mostly) and working with the Hero Team as part of his parole. We decided that he had a now-adult daughter who was a policewoman on the city's Super Crimes Unit and we decided that part of his backstory was that he sincerly wanted to make things up with her.

But Chance's criminal tendencies would occasionally slip out. Every once in a while, the team would face a dilemma, and Chance would say, "Well, far be it — Ah say, far be if from me to suggest anything ill-legal — against the law, that is — but it seems to me…" and then he'd offer a suggestion of dubious morality, if not legality. And as often as not, the other members of the team would nod and say, "Good idea; let's do it!"

Chance's arsenal of gadgets included razor-sharp playing cards for use as shurikens; exploding dice, and a subcompact car capable of flight by means of retractable wings (shaped like cards, natch).

Whether his accent was real or just an affectation was never determined.

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