Caractus, the Monk


The Story:

I joined a 3.5 DnD campaign en media res. The party already had all the bases covered class and race wise. Needing inspiration, I turned to history. The game world had a pseudo-Ancient Greece analogue. Thus was born Caractus, the Olympic Hero. I rolled up some stats, and ended up with a strong, agile, hearty, wise, but not terribly intelligent character.

Caractus was an Olympic champion. Four Olympiads in a row he took the prize for the Pankreation, three times for wrestling. He was a big hero in his home polis. Sadly, he went into politics, being manipulated by others to lend his popular support behind one idea or another. In the end, it was decided to banish him for crimes against the city 9he voted on one too many bad ideas). Not really understanding what went wrong, he left to wander the world and teach the foreign barabrains the virtues of clean living, healthy diet, and philosophy. Thus he wanders into he town where the PCs are, and joins the group.

Needless to say, no one was prepared for a non-asian, slightly punch drunk, monk to come around spouting off random lines from Plato. The highlights:

The first time the party prepared for a fight, the dramatic scene (picture movie montage) of the fighter donning his armor, the wizard readying her spell components, the cleric praying, etc… The monk stripping off his clothing and oiling up.

After a bad defeat, the party is considering splitting up and moving on. Caractus stands up, and recites a lengthy section of Socrates' Apology. The party is cheered, but does not understand what exactly the point was. Sadly, neither did Caractus.

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