Beware of Shadow Dragons Bearing Coffee

By Shiftkitty


The Story

Stormy and Uffy had been on the run after having used up every spell, piece of ammo, and weapon they had. Unarmed and unarmored, they ducked into a side passage in the dungeon and found themselves surprisingly in a very comfortably appointed room… inhabited by a shadow dragon.

They freaked and started looking for weapons. Then the shadow dragon did something unexpected. He offered them some coffee. Surprised, they hesitantly accepted. The coffee was nice and hot and delicious.

STORMY: Wow. I thought dragons were hell-bent on eating anything that popped into their lairs. I guess that ain't so, eh? (Stormy's player then mimicked chugging the cup of coffee while Uffy's player mimicked sipping the coffee.) Mm, got any more?

DRAGON: Oh, I do plan to eat you… after you finish your coffee.

UFFY: And I give you my word that I'll be back after I finish this cup of coffee.

Stormy and the dragon engaged in a helluva melee bout with Stormy mostly ducking and dodging before being able to get away. While this was going on, Uffy slipped away unnoticed.

Uffy stayed true to his word, however, and 14 levels later he finished the last sip of coffee (magically preserved over the years), returned to the shadow dragon's lair, returned the cup (all washed), and got medieval on the shadow dragon's heiny.

So as well as shadow dragons bearing coffee, beware of wizards' promises. They just might keep them!

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