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Memorable quotes. Spectacular deaths. Funny stories. All gaming groups have those, and many are told and re-told numerous times. Some of them are told on online forums and become Internet legends far beyond their original gaming group. But all too many never make it that far - not for lack of quality, but because they were never able to reach a larger audience.

This wiki is intended to allow you to tell your own War Stories for the whole online gaming community to share and enjoy. Tell us about the highlights of your campaigns. Whether these highlights represent the highest pinnacles of heroism or the most embarrassing deaths, others will be sure to appreciate them.

The War Stories Wiki is divided into several sections:

  • Settings: This section lists war stories related to specific campaign settings.
  • Systems: This section lists war stories related to specific game systems (which in some cases might be identical to the setting detailed by the rule system).
  • Category: This section lists war stories by type (quotes, deaths, intrigue, etc.)
  • Gaming Groups: This section allows individual gaming groups to list all their war stories in one place.
  • Campaign Diaries: This section lists exhaustive diaries of entire campaigns.

Note: If you are unfamiliar with how Wikidot.Com wikis work, read How to add War Stories before adding your own tales.

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